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MANUIGNITER- Codigniter Crud Generator
Using our platform you will be able to automate your development on Codeigniter.
You will be able to Manage Database Tables, Columns, Datasets, Data types…etc
All of the following will be generated based on your requirements:
- The development of Model View Controller CRUD operation codes for your database tables
- Adapted Form Validations
- Binding form fields (HTML 5 form fields)
- Generating of BOOTSTRAP 4 codes
- Binding Master Dashboard Templates
- Associating other tables
- Connecting to Database

Our Services

Database Creation

Login to explore our unique features. We will connect to your database and create appropriate tables for your project

Responsive Projects

Create your responsive project without hassle. You may customize the generated source code if necessary.

Form designing

Select of customize any form field based on your specific data types.

Coding and Validation

Generate codes and form validation processes automatically.

Bootstrap Codes

Getting Bootstrap codes have never been made this easy

Admin Dashboard

Generate the admin dashboard you require to handle your project in few steps